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We here at Miami Appliance Repair we know firsthand how annoying it is to cope with a broken appliance. Thus, we provide reasonably priced and dependable appliance repair services in Miami, FL and the nearby areas. Our aim is to provide homeowners the assurance that their appliances are functioning properly and that they will not be subject to any hidden costs.

As a company that values honesty, we never hesitate to tell customers exactly what's wrong with their appliances and how much it will cost to fix them. Neither our policies nor our rates are masked in any way, and we never add on unexpected fees.

We guarantee a speedy diagnosis of your appliance's problem and a transparent breakdown of the costs involved in fixing it. All of our diagnostic checks and explanations of appliance malfunctions are included in our $95 service call/diagnostic cost. If we end up fixing it, the service call fee will be rolled into the final bill, leaving you responsible for only the materials and our time.

To give our customers the most bang for their buck, we always aim to be 10% cheaper than the average repair shop. Because of our low-price guarantee, you can be assured that you'll be paying a reasonable rate for the service we provide.

Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, and more are all within the scope of our repair services. We appreciate that every appliance is different and spend the time necessary to diagnose the issue and offer a tailored solution.

Wherever possible, we prefer to repair our customers' appliances rather than replace them entirely. Our aim is to help you save money by maximizing the useful life of your equipment. All brands, models, and eras of appliances are welcome to be brought to our repair shop, as our professionals have seen it all.

Don't wait to get in touch with Miami Appliance Repair if you're experiencing issues with a broken home appliance. Together, we'll figure out what's wrong and come up with a plan to fix it that won't break the bank. We offer same-day service to get your appliances back up and running as quickly as possible since we know that emergencies may arise at any moment.

Each appliance repair we do with a previously-owned part comes with a $10 discount voucher as an added bonus. Please visit our online booking system today to print your discount voucher and reserve your appointment time. With every service we provide, we aim to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers. Miami Appliance Repair is more than simply a repair service; we're invested in the long-term performance of your appliances.

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  • ""Pro was on time, well prepared and thorough... gave a step by step account of all work done and offered valuable (money saving) tips to avoid costly repairs in the future.""
    Andrew M.
    Great and On Time in Miami. Wow!
  • ""Matt did a great job. he tried to fix first in a more affordable way, before having to order parts. Then he installed the parts pretty fast and now my applicance is working gre..."
    Very Reliable!
  • "My refrigerator was not working right and was dying and Miami Appliance Repair came to my house on time,called before, and fixed the problem same day. Highly recommended... Tha..."
    Alex R.
    Miami Appliance Repair Did Me Good!

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