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Posted on October 15, 2011 at 9:50 AM

Hello everyone I wanted to start a Miami Appliance Repair Blog page on this website just to keep you updated on a few things going on in our business and perhaps share a few cool stories about the life of an appliance repair man in Miami/Miami Beach.

Being an appliance repair guy in Miami is very different than many places in America. Personally I've done appliance repair in Illinois, Daytona Beach FL, Fort Lauderdale FL and now here in Miami for a few years.

Miami has a unique dynamic that not many other places have and what I mean by that is I could be in a family home that is middle class income who has a huge pile of clothes around a dead Washer (Until I fix it!) with 3 kids running around and 2 dogs that have to be put in the backyard while I work.

Then after that call I could be on the 45th floor in a luxury condo on South Beach trying my Spanish with their housekeeper who told the owner that the dryer was not heating anymore! Maybe after that call I could be asked to look at a refrigerator of a gay couple down the street on Ocean Dr. in South Beach.

I've been there done that and I don't discriminate. If you have an appliance that needs to be repaired I will do my best to fix it same day unless a part needs to be ordered. Even then I get parts fairly quick!

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