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Power Surge Negative Affect On Appliances

Posted on March 15, 2013 at 9:15 AM

Power Surge Negative Affect On Appliances

Have you ever gone on vacation only to come home to an appliance that no longer works? most likely a power surge of some sort hit the entire home. Usually caused by lightning or just a surge from the main power source from the power company.

I was just reading this article out of Chicago that this very thing happened to dozens of people! The power went out then once it cam back on most of their computers and appliances were zapped dead.

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Dozens of Oak Lawn families lost power over the weekend, but the real problems started when the power came back on and fried their computers and appliances.

This is horrible I have so many people asking me what they can do to prevent this from ever happening?

Well the answer is usually nothing!

Other than unplugging your appliances but who does that... If you are in a huge storm then maybe that is something you can prepare for but an out of the blue power surge in the middle of the day while the sun is out is hard to prepare for.

Customers ask me if it is ok to put their appliance on a power protector.

I was told by my electrician buddies that it is not a good idea to put most appliances especially Refrigerators on power protectors because they told me that the motors run on such high amps that it can actually over time harm the appliance.

Yet I have seen some people have had their appliances on a protector for years in the garage of all places and be fine.

Electricity is very unique and does many strange things. It follows the path of least resistance almost like water. Once electricity power is in motion there is little to stop it until it reaches ground.

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