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My Appliance Repair Customers I Thank You All!

Posted on December 2, 2012 at 11:15 PM

I've been repairing appliances for a very long time and I have a few customers who really liked my work so much that they only use me from now on.

My career brings me in the home of all walks of life, especially here in Miami, Fl. I get to see lower, middle and upper class people sometimes all within one day.

I could care less if you have $1 Million or $100 dollars to your name I will always respect you and treat your home with respect. It is how I was raised in the Midwest in Illinois USA.

This blog post is to personally thank each and every one of you who allowed and trusted me in your home where you eat, sleep and live. It means a lot me knowing we have created a very trustworthy atmosphere before durring and after the service call.

Some of you text me now without even talking to me that the key is in a secret spot just for me to use to gain access while you are at work and some of you have recently told a friend about my service.

Word of mouth advertisment is what I love the most! Keep in going!

If you are reading this post for the 1st time and you have never used me to fix your appliance just keep in mind before you call one of these major corporation appliance repair chains with an 800 number and 1 week before some guy comes to your house that there is a better choice in Miami.


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