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I wanted to take this time to write about Miami Appliance Repair.

Hello I am the owner of this company and I have been fixing appliances for over 11 years now.  My name is Matt and I was trained by Master Appliance Technicians who have been working on appliances for over 25 years. I worked for years as a factory authorized tech for all major brands. Now I work on only out of warranty appliances with Miami Appliance Repair.

So far I have trained 2 other Techs. who have both road in the car with me for 3 months and now they are on their own and have made a successful career at it as Sub Contractors supporting their families. 

Before that I went to Universal Technical Institute "UTI" in Phoenix, AZ for a degree in fixing Appliances / HVAC. As Of now I only fix household appliances. I decided one day that I was done lugging around the equipment to fix large Sealed System Jobs. Yes I know there is money to be made doing that kind of work I've done it all before, and now I'm ready to do less work for more money by starting my own business.

Both of my Grandpas were Handymen and my Dad has spent his whole life working with the Gas Company. So as you can see I have been working with my hands fixing things or being taught how to fix things my whole life.


Consider everything you have just read and compare Miami Appliance Repair to what else is available in the South Florida Area.


Here at Miami Appliance Repair Service we work on most household appliances.

Let me 1st explain what I do work on to give you an understanding of what all goes on during the typical household appliance repair, then you will be able to proceed with your service call appointment knowing you have made a wise decision!

Washers: Has your washer machine stopped spinning, but still fills with water? Probably the lid switch has broken and it needs to be professionally replaced. Or maybe it won't drain? It could either be something stuck in the pump or it might need to be replaced.


Dryers: Do you have a squeaking noise in your dryer? It Could be the Belt, or the roller wheels, perhaps it's the pulley wheel? You might want to get that looked at, especially if it is a stack washer and dryer on top of each other, that could turn out to be a complete tear down of the dryer! We have performed probably hundreds of them kind of jobs.


Dishwashers:  Has your control panel gone dead? More than likely you will need the control panel either reset or replaced. There are too many control boards to stock all of them  yet we do carry a few. And way too many to attempt to quote a price.

Miami Appliance Repair

Schedule Service: (305) 735-9122


Oven:  Inner Oven Door Glass Cleaning Special Going On Through March 5th - May 5th 2010! "If we are already at your home for an appliance repair the cost will be only $55 extra added on to your bill. If you decide to just call us for a single oven door glass cleaning the cost will be only $75 Total"


Refrigerators:  Is it dead? YES Are the lights on inside? YES Do you hear the fan running in the Freezer side? YES Do you see frost, a lot of it on the back wall of the freezer? NO. Then it sounds like you could have something wrong with the compressor in the back. Normally We will need to be able to have access to the back of the unit to determine if the compressor needs to be replaced or if it just needs a new Power Pack Installation. We always try our best to have a few in stock at any given time. 87% of Refrigerator calls are worth fixing.

Keep in mind that these are simple examples of a few of the situations we tend to run into on a daily basis. Our prices are set below the industry standards and a lot of times a lot cheaper than buying a new appliance!

Miami Appliance Repair

Schedule Service: (305) 735-9122




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